Friday, September 19, 2008

A day at Roponggi (again :p)

I went to Roponggi again, with Aki-chan and Nayoun-chan. This time during weekday so I couldn't leave Iki with my grandparents. Nayoun left her son with her parents, but Aki and I put our kids at a day care center for 500 yen (about 5 USD) per hour. It was my first time leaving Iki there!! And it was for a whole day already (8 hours). I had to write Iki's name on all his belongings, and labelled all his clothes using these cute name labels which only needed ironing.

I had to prepare his lunch box too. But because I woke up late that day, all the plan to make cute bear onigiri was ruined :p. Poor Iki (>.<). I was down when Aki-chan told me she prepared "Anpanman shape" obento for her daughter...

We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant at Roponggi Hill, which was a bit dissapointing. But we forgot it as soon as we walked around the whole building, jumped from one shop to another to satisfy our shopping needs hahahaha

Until then we got really tired and decided to sit and have some sweets, which also took like 15 minutes walking around because we didn't want to be dissapointed again :p. And indeed, this chocolate cake was really satisfying. It was so chocolaty yet was not sweet. Perfect with a tall glass of ice cafe au lait.

And this miniature of Tokyo Tower was our snack time view. Never been to the real Tokyo Tower (because Hiro doesn't want to!), but at least I could have a slice of tasty chocolate cake sitting in front of its miniature with my best friends hahaha

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