Monday, September 22, 2008

Farewell at Surabaya

Last Sunday we had farewell lunch with Nova, Kiyo, Benny, and Mbak Maria (no Rui this time...). As Nova's request, I searched for a good Indonesian restaurant and got this "Surabaya Restaurant" recommended by a Japanese friend. There are some of its branches in Tokyo, but I chose the one at Urawa area so that Nova and Benny won't travel too far from their place.

The restaurant was surprisingly big, located inside PARCO department store, and decorated in Indonesian traditional style. It was full of people too, which made us amazed hahaha. We never thought that Indonesian food is popular here :p

As the name of restaurant is "SURABAYA", we expected some Surabaya's food on the menu list and quite dissapointed to see none. Or perhaps Sop Kikil, Nasi Bebek, Pecel Lele, Tahu Tek Tek, Rujak Cingur and Lontong Balap are not representative enough?! :(

This Martabak tasted really good! Too bad one portion only consisted of 4 pieces of martabak (>.<)

We ordered Sate Kambing as requested by Mbak Maria. To my surprise, Iki loved it too and ate two (@_@). I didn't eat any, so I couldn't say anything about it. But looking at Iki eating it greedily, and how Mbak Maria loved it; it must be really good. We should have ordered more!!!

Tumis Kangkung there was specifically recommended menu from my Japanese friend, so I ordered it too. And it satisfied us. The kangkung was crunchy and tasty. Hmmm I can't wait to have full access of Kangkung in Indonesia soon hahaha. I love it, and will definitely cook my favourite Kangkung Rica-rica a.s.a.p ;-)

This pepes Ikan was quite dissapointing. Nobody knew that it was pepes from it's appearance. No banana leaves. I think they should rename it to "Ikan bumbu kuning" instead!!! The taste was not bad though....really....we just missed the banana leaf smell :)

We love this Ayam Goreng Serundeng. The chicken's meat was soft with crunchy skin. It came with enormous amount of Serundeng topping. Iki loved it too :p

We ordered this Mie ayam for the kids actually, but they couldn't finish it because the portion was huge. I only ate a little and for me the taste was standard. I prefer Pak SALAM's mie ayam hahaha

And this is the blast for me. Sambal goreng tongkol. It was really spicy as I requested, but it was really really delicious. I was glad I ordered it at the last minute!!!! It reminded me of Ikan Cakalang Rica from Manado. God, my mouth is watering now (@_@)

I ordered juice Jambu (guava juice) for my drink and glad with the taste. It was not too sweet but not too sour too. Perfect.

For dessert I ordered Tapioka in palm sugar and coconut juice with ice cream and cream as topping. It tasted really really good. Not too sweet that I could finish it till its last drop!

Iki enjoyed playing with Kiyo a lot. Too bad they couldn't meet and play again (_ _).

Poor Benny had to take care of the two naughty kids :p. Thanks a lot, Ben (^_-)

I still got the chance to walk around the department store with Mbak Maria after Nova, Benny and Kiyo went back home. Thanks a lot to accompany me, Mbak! (And thanks for the starbucks hehehe)

I felt so lonely and sad when we ride the train back home. Oh how I hate farewells and goodbyes (_ _o)

Thanks a lot for the gifts too!!!! We love them (^_^)


The Diva said...

duh ngiler...
Bete deh.

Kapan ya kita bisa kumpul bareng dan ketawa2 ngobrol lagi? Lah abis ini kamu di Sulawesi di tengah hutan gitu... hiks...

Ntar ada telepon juga nggak? Kalo aku pulang Indo nggak isa ketemuan ya..

Pre said...

*ngitung total kalori*

mamanya Rui said...

Semoga kita ada kesempatan untuk berjumpa kembali ya, Moet. O genki de ne...

LadyinRed said...

Hmmm... Sate kambing... Ngiler deh :p

Haha, nanti di Sulawesi kamu bisa tanem itu kangkung di halaman belakang pasti berkembang biak seperti semak belukar :D

benova said...

Hai Imoet,

Thanks buat invitation makan makannya.
Sate kambing, an sambal e yg mengigit, and kacang itemnya juga suka.
Sampae ketemu lagi ya Moet, dolan dolan ke Jogja yah nek aku pulang ntar.
And sorry kadonya enggak besar2 hahahaha.