Friday, September 19, 2008

P-Wosh's cafe

P-Wosh is the sport center where we join the baby's swimming class. It has a small cafe downstair where we usually have lunch together with my friends after swimming.

This is my favourite menu there: Yakiniku Pilaf. Pilaf of roasted beef with chopped Kimchi. I fell in love at the first bite, and always order it whenever I have lunch there (been tried other menu too, but this Yakiniku Pilaf was the best!)

And these are my best buddies, Nayoun-chan and Aki-chan. Oh how I actually hate blurring my memory photos like this :(. But Japanese just do not like publicity (>.<)

Last Tuesday we had this big group of kids and mommies having lunch together there: Iki, Sakurako, Kenshin, Hanon, and Takahiro (with the mommies), but we were just too busy handling our wild kids that none of us remembered to take any photos :(

I know in the future it would be quite impossible to have all of us eating together at this cafe again (I'm moving to Indonesia, Aki to Saitama, and Nayoun to Hongkong). But this small cafe will always be a piece of my memory.

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