Thursday, September 25, 2008

HUGE suprise

We were supposed to have dinner with Aki, Nayon, and Yukiko (with the kids, of course) last Tuesday. But I got my jaw dropped when I entered the reserved room at the restaurant. There were almost all my friends from the swimming club sitting around the long table with wide smiles. And two of our swimming instructors were also there. What a HUGE surprise!! I was so touched and couldn't help not to cry.

There were 11 mothers, 1 father (Hiro), 2 sensei, and 10 children coming over: Nao-kun, Rio-kun, Genki-kun, Kenta-kun, Fuuka-chan, Mari-chan, Takahiro-kun, Mitsuki-kun, Hanon-chan, Amin-chan, Kano-chan, Mori Sensei and Enomoto Sensei. Too bad Kenshin-kun (Nayon's son) got fever that he couldn't join us....I've never been eating in such a CROWDED restaurant hahaha

It was an Okonomiyaki restaurant, so here are some of the food we enjoyed. I couldn't take photo of the complete set because I was too busy chatting around, drinking, and laughing :p

Not all the mothers could join the dinner until the end. Some kids were too tired, and some were sleepy already. These were the leftover drunk mommies!!! It was my first time drinking with a lot of mothers. It was really fun, trust me. The topic went smoothly from kids matter, to job matter, until vulgar stuffs hahahaha. Amazingly those drunk mothers still could ride bicycles home!!

Aki-chan and Nayon-chan arranged two bestfriends. Thank you sooo much. This really meant a lot to me. I definitely will not forget this friendship forever.

I found this note, written by Nayon as I got home and opened the gifts they gave me. Touching.....Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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