Friday, September 19, 2008

Surprise from Aussie

One day our bell rang and we found this postman standing in front of our door hugging a big box. I was not expecting any package so I was a bit puzzled, mostly because there was no sender's information written on the box (it was an internet shopping-like box).

Anyway Iki is always excited to see any package coming, so he asked me to open it in a minute. I found cute small T-shirt (must be for Iki!), and mug. With a small card written that those nice goodies were from Intan and Ameera!!!!!!!! Intan once asked my address but I totally forgot about it so it was really really a nice surprise.

Iki loves the T-shirt. He wore it that night sleeping, and insisted to wear it also again the next day.

He also claimed the cute mug (@_@). He said: "Ameera gave Iki, this cup very very kakkoii!". He uses it every time during his meal time now. If I forgot, he would remind me: "mama, kakkoi cup, please" :p.

Thank you sooooo much. We just know each other from this blogging world, but I know that you are my best friend, Intan!!! We don't have to meet in person (yet), but we FREELY shared our life and thoughts.

Thank you :)

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LadyinRed said...

My pleasure, dear... Was planning to send it for Iki's bday but now you're moving to god-knows-where-that-little-village-is I don't want it to go missing on transit :p