Saturday, September 20, 2008

Surprisingly lonely

Iki-chan lately could sleep by himself. I just have to read him story and have little talking of what happened today. After that I just kissed him good night and he would fall asleep.

I should be happy, I thought I was. He's getting independent but he DOES NOT need me anymore!!

Usually after he's asleep, I lay down beside him and hug him. I scrub his stomach, like he always wanted me to since he was a baby. A month ago he still needed my hands on his stomach to put him into sleep!

Somewhat, I feel lonely. Surprisingly :p


The Diva said...

Mutmut kapan pindah??

Hihihi lucunya Iki udah bisa bobok sendiri ya, nggka perlu Mama lagiii... hehehehe.

Makin lama anakmu makin gede ya Mut, mukanya berubah lho sekarang... nyadar nggak? Udah bukan muka bayi lagi...

-tanya- said...

Sama nih kayak aku... Waktu si Ken-kun udah bisa tidur sendiri, emaknya bukannya girang malah sesenggukan :D

LadyNoor said...

Hihihi... I must be the meanest mother of all, didn't feel that at all :p