Thursday, January 22, 2009

60's or 70's fashion ideas


There will be this birthday party coming on Feb 7. Everyone coming must wear 60's or 70's costume!

Please give me some advices, considering we're living in this jungle, and buying things is impossible. I might have to sew the dress on my own, but I just can't think of any good ideas.

I have something for you who gives the best creative yet easy to make idea, which I will use to come to the party. I will send away MY handmade goodie (^_^)!! But since I'm running out of time, I could only wait for your ideas until Sunday, Jan 25.

So hurry up, think of something unique to help US, and to get my handmade goodie (^___^)v


Vivi said...

Sheila would laugh at my face for even trying to give some fashion advice....

But hey, I'm Indonesian, so I can't resist the possibility of getting free stuffs....

So here it goes...

60s and 70s is more like hippy era right? was thinking of cutbray/bell bottom jeans, floral motives T shirts, mini skirt with boot. you can perhaps sew some floral motives to your jeans....don't forget bandana/headband or just slip flower to your ear.

heck, just check this website

Good Luck!!

yun said...

plus rambut "brokoli" dan kacamata pilot yang lebih gede dari kepalamu..hahaha

The Diva said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Vivi, i'm not THAT bad!!! @__@

Honestly I'm not that good at fashion in 60's, 70's or anything old like that.

But I know one thing, either you dress up like a hippie, like Vivi suggested, or you go JACKIE KENNEDY.

Now SHE's something I'd like to be.
Wear mini skirt, for sure. Don't forget a mini hat worn a bit crooked on your head to match the skirt. You know, the square-looking hat.

Wear your hair BIG. Not Broccoli big, but high. Bob style, and high, with pointed ends on your ears. I think you'll fit this style since your hair is also short like Jackie.

Wear PEARL NECKLACE and big, dangling, pearl earrings.
Go with an off-shoulder and a mini skirt to match the pearl necklace.

Oh and don't forget the Jane-shoes.

Hmmm, what else. Oh yeah, BELT! Big, dangling belt that wraps your waist.

No need to sew, right?
One more thing, if you have a dress in POLKADOT style, it's even better.

Like I said, go Jackie Kennedy :-)
good luck!!!

Carla said...

kalo butuh sesuatu, bilang aja shier, kirim gambarnya ato apa gitu. tak coba carikan disini dan kirim pake paket kilat.

Vivi said...

Sheila, you just DID laugh. Or at least, the first sentence in your comment is "Hahahahaha"....

anyways....I have to say though I think Jackie Kennedy is a brilliant idea, I did mention mini skirt first. So, Imoet, if you take Sheila's idea, you have to split the gift between me and her hehehehe....just kidding.

seriously. I'm kidding.

benova said...

Hmm..lama gak blogging.

Jadi telat kabar2 nya hahha.
Sekarang emang kembali ke model jadul.
Vintage......gituh namae ya..hihihi.

So..gmn partynya?

imoet said...

Thanks alot for the ideas (^__^). I havent decided anything, though. But I printed all your suggestions and will bring the paper to Makassar next sunday. Let's see what I can find there (because I definitely dont have anything suggested and couldnt find any too here).

Will let you know who will get my free handmade goodie when we're back to sorowako ;-)