Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Tomorrow will be Iki's first day at school. I've been nervous for the whole week, and today the feeling almost blew me out. Alright, I might be overreacting about this school thing, but I just can't help it. I keep thinking if Iki would be alright at school. Until now he's still a very shy and sensitive boy, eventhough he knows some of other kids he will see at the school later on. I'm so so worried of him (>.<).

Actually there's a school bus picking up all the children, but tomorrow I will send him to school by myself. I know my son, and he will definitely cry his lung out if I just send him off to the bus at his very first day. Anyway we talked a lot about school these past few weeks, about the fun he would find there, about the friends he will meet, the teacher, the toys. He seemed understand but at the end he always insisted that he wanted me to be there too (@_@).

I just finished preparing his backpack, and checked it again and again for at least three times. I baked mini muffins together with him today and he put some himself into his lunch box. I trained him a lot not to talk in Japanese to the teacher, to tell the teacher whenever he needs to go to the restroom, how to open and close his lunch box, where I put his clothes, sandals, etc etc etc etc ETC. Arggghhhhh I'm such a noisy mother!!! (>.<)

Tonight between my long speech to him about school during dinner time, he hugged me tightly, kissed my lips, and said "You are my Mommy, my taisetsu mono (my very important thing)". It was the sweetest thing my 3 years old son has ever said to me.

I'm very proud though, that this baby has grown up, was able to say such things, and will start going to school tomorrow. Yet I'm still nervous haha!

I don't think I could sleep peacefully tonight.....


The Diva said...

hahahaha yang mau sekolah Iki-chan kok Mommy yang gugup????

Isn't it funny how tiny he was and now he's all grown up before you know it??

Enjoy the moment, Mama-chan, let us all know how Iki survives his first day at school!!!!

yun said...

Bener gak kerasa tau2 Iki udah mau masuk tk, padahal kayaknya baru lusa Imut ke Jerman bawain aku cobek...hahaha

mamanya Rui said...

Yihaa, Iki chan mulai sekolah ya. Gambatte ne (mama chan mo ne, hehehe).