Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not my day...

I got my left tummy ache in these past 4 days. The pain come and go so I didn't really pay attention on it. I was thinking to go to a doctor but I don't have maid now, and going to a hospital bringing Iki wouldn't be a good idea.

But yesterday evening the pain got worse. I told Hiro but then because I didn't cook, we went to Wet Monyet anyway for dinner. To my surprise, the pain was getting worse, and I couldn't walk anymore as we arrived home. Hiro was upset because I should have gone to the hospital earlier, for he's afraid if it was my appendices.

So he made me called the expat doctor at 9.30 pm yesterday, and he met me at the hospital not long after that. He checked me up, did some tests (vaginal, urine and pregnancy), and came to a conclusion that it was not my appendices (thank God), but that there's infection inside. He gave me antibiotics and pain killer, and asked me to give him a call in the morning again.

I felt better then. I still could feel the pain but it is not as painful as last night. I called the doctor and he said that I must finish the whole strip of the antibiotics and take a good rest for few days to recover from the bugs. The thing is, I don't have maid now. I had to do the house chores and cooking and I couldn't take a minute rest with my active son bugging me around the whole day. I told him that I'm sick and need to lay down to reduce my pain, but he kept jumping on my damn stomach. I was so upset but I also pity him. I know he's alone and wanted me to play with him. He didn't have nap today and I didn't have any power to make him so that he was so grumpy in the evening. I was so exhausted that I was really waiting forward for Hiro's coming to help me out taking care of him. But Hiro suddenly called me that he had something to do at the camp and would go home very late. It's now 9.40 pm, and he just left the camp. Which means he would arrive here in another hour. He hasn't had his dinner yet, poor papa-chan; so I'll have to cook for him again after this - and cleaning up, poor me. I guess having a maid these few months spoilt me a lot (>.<)

Hhhhh today is just not my day!

I'd better take a short rest now. Feel so good to be able to ramble again here, after 3 months!!


The Diva said...

Duh kasihannya... sakit perut kok sampe melilit gitu.
Jadi inget2 waktu aku infeksi usus buntu + operasi 2 bulan lalu.

Mut hati2 lho itu dicek yang bener perutnya. bilang Iki pelan2, kamu sakit, jadi jangan jump on Mommy's stomach.
Yakin tah bukan usus buntu?

Cepet sembuh ya... cepet dapet pembantu juga. Sementara pesen rantangan nggak isa ya? Harus masak terus???

Mbak'e said...

cepet sembuh ya, Moet.