Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

So it's 2009 now. How time fled away. Iki had his very first New Year Party and birthday party in the afternoon with the other kids at the Wet Monyet bar, and then Hiro and I spent the New Year eve drinking and dancing at the same place with other expatriates living here (like where else could we do that?)
Last year was a great year. We never thought that we would spend new year in a small city in the middle of nowhere in Indonesia. But I am glad that we are here together and more than ready to start this coming year. Hopefully this would be a better year for us, and for you too.
Happy New Year!


Carla said...

happy new year! it was the first time i spent a new year in a relationship (walah). almost ruined it due to the amount of alcohol he and i took that night. but nevertheless.... hopefully it's going to be a great year. hugs.

The Diva said...

happy new year Mutmut and Hiro!!!
Hahahaha first birthday party ya??? Kok nggak posting foto sih??

Hope this year will be one of your best too!!!!