Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Christmas

I know it's late. As what happened to the Christmas cards we sent to our friends too. Thanks to Indonesian Custom department and post office who charged us 40 USD for receiving blank personalized Christmas cards from Japan. And then when we finally got (and paid) them, the local post office didn't have enough stamps for the whole cards so they had to send them to the other city's post office AFTER CHRISTMAS.

Well anyway, we had a nice Christmas. My parents and my sister
here visiting us. So let me share our happiness with all of you...

We spent the Christmas eve at the expat bar, Wet Monyet. Iki met Santa Claus but was scared of him. He cried when I wanted to take his picture on Santa's lap.

Iki was a "good boy" so he got a lot of Christmas presents from Santa Claus this year. He excitedly opened them all and were really happy to find some cars inside.

We had special Christmas menu this year. Special because my mom cooked everything I missed, though for Hiro those food are not supposed to be Christmas food haha!

There were several events here too. There's Christmas concert from the Children of the International school. And some women from Boxercise and Fun Golf got together for a coffee after their exercises.

It was a nice Christmas after all, hope you had a nice one too ;-)


The Diva said...

Hahahaha I forgot that Christmas in Indo is under 40 degree Celsius, you all look funny with Santa hats and summer clothings!! Hehehehehee.

Looks so so funny.
btw Mutmut you look HOT in that black dress for Christmas party. sekarang bener2 jadi hot mama ya, nail polished, hairdo, hair color and great outfit?? Hihihihihi....

imoet said...

I AM HOT!! HOT karena panas soalnya hahaha. Thanks. Jadi tambah semangat dandan :))