Wednesday, January 14, 2009


One weekend after Christmas we shared a rented boat with my friend, Nira to bring our family around Matano Lake (my parents and sister were visiting, and Nira's sister's family was here too).

At first we asked the driver to bring us to an underwater cave. Hiro jumped into the water as we arrived and said that the view from the cave was amazing. Exactly like Capri in Italy. Iki and I got ready to join him swimming into the lake, but then we found there were some bees buzzing around the lake's entrance. Too bad......we just didn't want the risk to get stung by a bee at the beginning of the trip so at last we passed it :(

Then we went to some small islands there to swim.

And then we went to Nuha village for some "shopping". The villagers there made and sell rattan souvenirs. I bought one small basket and one very big one to put our dirty laundry in.

It was raining very hard on the way home. It was my first time feeling cold in the afternoon in Sorowako haha. I mean, seriously cold that I was shivering!

We enjoyed the trip. I'd like to go around Matano lake again someday. Matano Lake is breathtaking :). As the world's second deepest lake, it has amazingly clear water. I'd definitely like to go rafting there again someday


The Diva said...

WALAHHHHH, does the world's second deepest lake, Matano Lake, COME WITH THAT HOT SEXY BABE at the end of the posting???

If so, I can start offering that place to other tourists in Germany, I can already tell who's going to sign up for the first trip, hahahahaahahahaha.

On the side note: the island and the lake look amazing. I instantly miss Maluku, my childhood paradise for 7 years.

Martin promised me that we would go there, to explore Sulawesi and Maluku one day. I really, really miss the clear water, the beach and the nature breeze... Indonesia has SUCH beautiful nature spots everywhere, much better than Europe!!!!!

Oh so the hot babe was just going on a trip with that outfit (a swimsuit and shorts?) No wonder she's freezing... hahahahahaha.

mamanya Rui said...

Whoaa, Moet, dirimu seksi sekaleee.

Carla said...

eh itu kan swimsuit yg kamu beli disini. bagus shier!