Monday, January 19, 2009

In search of a good maid :p

I got a new maid now. She started working this morning. How did I manage to find a new maid within one week?!

I brought Iki last Wednesday to the routine boxercise with the wives neighborhood. and they asked me why. I explained them that I fired my maid and there was nobody taking care of him while I was away. Since then the news spread all over "maid network" and everyday some women came over to look for a job. I thought It would be difficult to find a new maid, but I was wrong!

I chose Christina to fill in the job. She is not young anymore, experienced, can cook well, great with children, speaks a little English (just in case Hiro wants to communicate with her), and can stay with us here.

I spent this whole day teaching her the way she should do the house chores here. Hopefully she could adapt well within few days.

I do hope I chose the right person :)


The Diva said...

CHRISTINA!!! What a cool name!

Good luck with the new maid. (speaks English too!!!!)

*still astonished. All the qualities a maid could have...*

Mbak'e said...

Wuah hebat, ndak perlu pasang iklan, cukup pakai informasi dari mulut ke mulut aja.

Trus sekarang panggilannya apa, Moet. Kalo dulu Mina chan, sekarang... Kuris chan?? hehehe.

Oh ya, Moet. Makasih banget, new year post card mu udah nyampe dengan selamat. Pos Indonesia gak terlalu telat banget ya ternyata.

Carla Chanliau said...

I wouldn't have imagined a maid could be named Christina in Java. LOL. It's good to hear that you got one already. Hopefully this one stays long.

The Diva said...

LHO AKU BELOM DAPET postcard nya????
Hahaha berarti beneran nyampe ke Jerman bulan Februari!!!!