Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Bed time is always a fight between me and Iki. He always tries to find
a thousand and one reason to postpone his sleeping time, and that
attitudes really drive me crazy. So every night I have to talk to him
in a very high tone to send him to bed :(.

And last night he asked me after I lost my patience,

"Mommy, are you angry again? how to make you happy?"

Which made me teary......

I gave him a huge cuddle. He always makes me happy, but he also drives
me crazy at the same time :p


The Diva said...

Hehehehe cute little Iki....
of course he always makes Mommy and Daddy happy, he is just a little naughty sometimes, hihihi.

Ayu said...

coba nonton Nanny 911 aja :-)

btw kena tuh dikerjain Iki.. hehe..

imoet said...

not a little naughty!! he IS naughty :D

Nanny 911??? blomm pernah denger. nanti aku cari deeeeh