Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Treasure Hunt

We did the treasure hunt on Friday instead of Sunday because we were going to go to Yamagata Perfecture for cherry picking and onsen on the weekend.

Iki and papa-chan started just before dinner, after papa-chan came back from work. He had been telling him again and again to come back home earlier that day for the treasure hunt.

I put clues inside and outside the house and the boys were having fun.

These were inside the treasure bag:

A Japanese beer mug,

Iki's handmade book,

and a little note from Iki: "Papa Daisuki" means, papa is my favorite

Happy Father's Day, papa-chan. You are NOT the best father in the world, but you ARE the best father, teacher and friend for Iki ;-)


The Diva said...

hehehe happy Father's Day papa-chan. nobody is the best father in the world but you're definitely the most beloved one for Iki n Mama-chan ;-)

imoet said...

indeed he is ;-)

vini said...

imoet, you should give him one more present: free ticket to mama`s bed...uuuuuuuuu