Monday, June 28, 2010


Raku-yaki (楽焼), or Raku ware, is a type of Japanese pottery that is traditionally and primarily used in the Japanese tea ceremony in Japan, most often in the form of tea bowls. It is traditionally characterized by hand-molding of the clay as opposed to turning it on a potter's wheel, resulting in each piece being "one-of-a-kind"; low firing temperatures (resulting in a fairly porous body); leadglazes; and the removal of pieces from the kiln while still glowing hot. In the traditional Japanese firing process, the fired Raku piece is removed from the hot kiln and put directly into water or allowed to cool in the open air - Ibu Wikipedia

During our trip to Kaminoyama onsen last week Iki tried to paint on the raku ware, as a surprise father's day present for his grandfather.

At first he drew Jiji's face on a small raku plate.

Then he seriously painted it. Jiji was drinking beer during dinner so his face was red.

He drew himself on the back of the plate and signed it with his name

Jiji was really happy when Iki gave it to him the next day (^_____^)


Pii said...

hihih jiji's red face, emang iki bilang mo gambar muka jiji yang abis drinking beer ya moet? lucuu :D

The Diva said...

Lucunyaaaaaaaaa.... Iki di foto terakhir yg ketawa ngakak itu, hehehe. hhh gemes..
Btw he can write pretty well now, can he?

LadyinRed said...

Hahaha! Jiji kalo drinking beer trus merah mukanya ya :D... Super cute!

Well done Iki, Jiji must be very proud of u :)

imoet said...

pii: iya si iki ada2 aja, muka jiji yg merah digambar :))

diva: iya, meskipun amburadul dia suka nulis :p

intan: hihih biar si jiji inget dia mabok waktu fathers day tahun 2010 :))