Saturday, June 12, 2010

Making Insect

We spent the whole morning in Iki's school today. It's summer and to welcome it the school made this event of making insects with FATHERS using tree branches and leaves.

Surprisingly almost all fathers participated. Which was really good. We thought it was just a small event but apparently the company paid pretty good attention on it. There were staffs from Landscape design's department assisting.

At first we chose the right shape and size branches or other tree parts. They prepared quite a lot.

And then we started making the insects. It was not easy to glue those tree parts!!! Papa-chan made a big snail. I made a dragonfly and a spider. At first Iki was just helping us, but then he started making something by himself.....A DOG! Well, at least it's what he told us LOL.

These are what we got, minus papa-chan's

Next stage was painting them, with whatever color we like ;-)

Then everybody put the final result on the apartment's front's wall. Pretty, aren't they?

Iki wanted to bring his "dog" home, but finally he put it on the wall too. Can you find it on those two pictures???

Other parents put theirs on the outer wall of the apartment building, but we put ours on the nearest wall to our house :p

We had surprisingly a good time!! Welcome, summer!!!!


Carla Ardian said...

how come a snail and a dog passed the category of insects?

those are cute dragonfly and spider, shier!

yufinats said...

wah...bagusnya .... capung dan laba2 ...hihihiih...anjingnya iki juga (^_*)

imoet said...

carla: hahhaha well, hiro couldnt got any better idea for the pieces he found; but apparently he's not the only one making snail LOL
Iki to carla: it IS not insect aunty carla!! hihihi

yun: hehe thanks :p :p

The Diva said...

hahahaahaha so Hiro and his SNAIL insect, Iki and his DOG insect hahahaha.

This is SUCH A FANTASTIC idea of family gathering. Keren ya Jepang bikin ginian...