Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mormot Touban

Iki's yochien has two cute marmots named be-ru and momo that kids (and parents) have to take care in turn everyday. Usually once a week Iki will go home with a batch sticked on his uniform that he has to bring vegetables and newspaper for the mormots. And like once in two months whole family has to feed and clean up the cage during weekends.

Iki is pretty good doing it already. During our first turn cleaning up the cage on one Saturday, he told me what how he usually did it. Which was really helpful since I can't read the Japanese instruction and papa-chan was not with us :p

Iki enjoys doing it and actually asked me to buy him a mormot or a cat for pet. Which unfortunately won't happen ;-)


Carla Chanliau said...

you sure it's not a stuffed animal? looks like it. hehe

imoet said...

haha it ate the veggies pretty fast!