Saturday, June 05, 2010

Wednesday Bento: Buldozer-excavator

Supposed to be posted last Wednesday, but mama-chan has been down with terrible flu (AGAIN) since that day (@_@).

So this is last Wednesday's bento!

Kombu filling onigiri with umeboshi flakes + Buldozer excavator cheese + nori
Fried chicken
Kamaboko (fish cake) ==> the bus and the patrol car on the left. I didn't make them LOL, can be bought in supermarket here.

Some friends have been asking me to explain how did I make obento. Its not difficult, really. In fact I am enjoying it very much. There are lots LOTS of sources too from the internet, but most of them in Japanese. My favourite is this one: and
If you see those two examples, then you know that I make is not actually that good yet hahaha. I think those Japanese moms are born to create cute bentos!!

To make this obento, first I looked for a good picture in the internet. Printed it and then drew it on a piece of baking paper, like this:

This time I used sliced cheese as the main body, so I just cut the pattern, put it on the cheese and cut around it

I used nori (seaweed paper) as the line, so I cut the paper together with the nori

so then I got these small pieces of nori

That's it. Then just arrange them inside the lunchbox based on the pattern. Simple, right?

For the picks, there are lots of them can be bought easily here. So if you're interested, just send me an email :)


yufinats said...

kyakkkkk...untung nggak hire drafter buat gambar bldozernya :D

Anonymous said...


do all the kids expect to have this sort of thing?

What about mums who work and will not have the time for this?



imoet said...

yuni: hihihi saya kan drafter :D
mike: hmm no, not all mums. what I make is called chara-ben (character obentou), but normal bentos are also beautifully arranged eventhough the mums don't have time to make and put characters inside. My hubby always says: Japanese eat with eyes :)