Friday, June 25, 2010

Gel Nail Manicure...?

I am "blessed" with short fingers and dry skin that my hands are so wrinkly like a 50 years old woman's hand. That's why I always want to blur those view by putting on nice nail colors. I find that manicure and pedicure is a very relaxing activity anyway, though time consuming. Especially when I got stressed during the day, manicure at night after all the work is done is really a good cure.

The thing is, once I moved here, I have to do all the houseworks (which are real enemy to my nails!). I have to do the manicure at least twice a week!! A relaxing activity then could turn into a stressing one too when I don't have time for that. Waiting for the nails to dry up also drives me crazy. I always feel nervous that Iki would wake up for pee when the nails are not really dry yet -sometimes hiro helps, but he often comes home really late or doing work or study that he hates to be disturbed at home. And yes, sometimes bringing Iki to toilet at night ruined my almost done pretty nails!!

It makes me thinking to switch to gel nail manicure. From what I read around, it is long lasting (up to two or three weeks), odor free, and can make nails stronger. But I have to buy the kit, which is much more expensive then the normal nail colors.

My question is:

Is it really worthed to change into gel manicure? throwing away my whole nail colors collection and buying the whole gel nail kit?


LadyinRed said...

My goodness, did you do all that yourself!! It looks great I thought you actually had them at the amnicure place... My suggestion is to go to that beauty place and let them do the job for you... but since it's your hobby, well, I have no suggestion.. hehehe... (comment gak mutu ini :D)

Pii said...

kalo saran aku sih mending koleksi kutex yang ada dihabisin dulu, baru abis itu nyoba gel manicure :D sayang kalo ga kepake kan jd kebuang

aku yang belum jadi ibu RT aja make nail manicure cepet hancurnya hihihi

The Diva said...

I had gel nails for half a year last year n had it done professionally. It was damn expensive n I got complaints from my man but what the hell...

However the gel nails looked ugly when they grow out n you get nervous polishing them again because you can see the roots n parts of the nails coming out below the gel. At least I did. Plus I can't fix them myself coz I had to make an appointment with the manicurist n it was too much hassle.

After spending hundreds of euros n months I decided to go back to normal nails. If I'm interested n have time Ill polish my nails myself thinking it's my luxury but otherwise I forgot about my gels.