Saturday, June 26, 2010

My very last pretty nails

I just threw all my nails colors, glitters, and all the decorations into the trash bin. It really broke my heart, but I think it's the best I could do.

Me doing manicure at night had been a midnight problems lately. And tonight is the worst of all. Papa-chan was very upset, Iki was very sad, and me now spending the night in the living room alone felt really guilty.

I was too much into my nails, my hobby, that I ruined the night. Maybe a mother like me doesn't need a hobby.

I gave it up. No more relaxing nights working on my nails now, I don't feel relax if everybody else is not happy.

SO forget my last post about switching to gel manicure. I am NOT doing ANY manicure anymore. Sad, huh? I feel like I lost all data inside my hard disk now :(


LadyNoor said...

Oh no, Moet, I'm so sorry to hear that. Don't be silly of course a mother can have a hobby!!

But maybe if doing nails now giving u frustrations than relaxations then maybe you're right giving it up for now. Later when Iki's bigger u can come back to it... I know it sucks being a mother sometimes... but it'll past.. *BIG HUGS*

(I don't know much about nail beauty, maybe u can try the one Sheila had that lasts long and stronger for heavy duty nails?)

The Diva said...

Haha how does Intan know that Sheila has the tips??

Mut, go with Opi. The best nail polish ever made. I am a big fan of nails too n Martin has been complaining (ESP coz I went to a manicure salon last year and spend so much on my nails foe the whole year). I stopped using gel nails n switches to my own nails since end o last year.

Small tips:
- stop painting n drawing the nails with the glitters if you want practicality. Just stay with plain colors.
- go with OPI and no other brands. opi is the best nail polish in human history. Dries very fast n stays for at least one week , and I use them to do housework too. My finger nails are also ugly n short n break easily but Opi is my savior.
- dip your fingers into COLD ICED WATER right 3 mins after polishing. Tahan dingin dikit, just dip it for at least 5-10mins, the longer the better if you can hold in really iced water. Your nail polish dries amazingly fast n after that you don't need to worry. Trust me I know how it feels to ruin an almost drying nail.

The Diva said...

Always wear rubber gloves for ALL house chores including vacuuming and doin laundry and tidying up the house. I do that too. And if Hiro complains, tell him what I usually tell Martin: "well you should
be happy to have a wife who takes care of her look n pays attention to fashion AND who cleans up. In lots of cases, they either look fat b ugly like a pembantu once you marry them n have them stay at home for the kids, OR they're so fancy n expensive that they don't even know what the difference between a detergent n a dishwashing soap !"

how's that?
Don't be sad again ya, hugs hugs....

LadyNoor said...

Sheila always has tips for beauty! :D...

Sepertinya yg aku maksud itu waktu kamu ke salon itu La, tapi kalo mahal ya sama juga bohong ya... :(

(at the moment I'm looking at my sad fingers and finger nails screaming for some pampering, which won't happen until god knows when...)