Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Bento: Totoro

Iki's obento today was TOTORO, from famous Japanese animation Tonari no Totoro (My neighbor Totoro)

Totoro: Umeboshi onigiri and black sesame onigiri; with cheese and nori for decoration
Rolled bacon
Mini tomatoes

Iki was very happy and kept singing Totoro theme song while watching me decorating the bento. After dinner he watched totoro clips from youtube and kept singing the song the whole night LOL


LadyinRed said...

I didn't know that movie was famous! Hubby & I borrowed some Japanese animation movies from a friend and watched them together.. Some are really touching I actually cried watching it! :(

Your Obento looks great Moet!

imoet said...

ya movie itu famous, padahal udah 30 tahun yang lalu loh!! tapi terus melekat dihato orang2 turun temurun!

hehe thank you!