Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wednesday Bento: Pikachu

Can't believe I made bento for Iki for two days in a row!!!!! Such a pain in the ass!!

But here we go, today's obento was Pikachu's bento :)

Umeboshi onigiri
Kabocha no nimono (boiled pumpkin)
Bear shaped croquettes
mini tomatoes

He loved it!! Before I kissed him goodnight he said it again, "mom, thanks for yummy pikachu bento today"

So smiling mommy is now thinking what to make next week for him ;-)


pii said...

aww.. so sweet iki :)

The Diva said...

mom, if i kiss you good night will you make me one too?
I want the face of Derek Shepherd, Dr. McDreamy in grey's anatomy my favorite, Mom...