Sunday, April 06, 2008

"Busy" Week

This week is the busiest ever :))

There was no swimming school on Monday, but some mothers gathered at Sakurako-chan's house. We had lunch and fun talks there. The kids enjoyed playing with lots of toys there. They are about the same age so seemed that they were not interested to play together yet. They just got together if they want other kid's toy, and ended up fighting (_ _o)

Tuesday was swimming day as usual. I had some shopping afterwards and then spent the next 1 hour waiting for Iki playing with the small cars and tricycles downstairs. I was tired and hungry after the swimming lesson but how come this boy was still full of energy?!?!
There were some hungry mothers too waiting for their kids playing after their daily shopping. We ranted each other of how difficult to get the kids home with all those toys parked freely nearby the parking area and stairs (>.<)

I had hanami (again!) on Wednesday. Together with some friends from the swimming school. We had picnic lunch under Sakura trees at the park I visited last weekend with Hiro and Iki. We had onigiri (rice balls) with various fillings, Fried Chicken (Ayam goreng bumbu Kobe - yes, I prepared this one), dango (Japanese rice cake sweets in ball shape), and Sakura mochi. I didn't take any photos, didn't get any chance at all. None of us did. We were too busy feeding our kids and accompanied them playing. They had different interests so we were all separated! One mother with her 9 months daughter climbing the rocky stairs, one mother with her 1 y/o son interested to catch a fish from the pond, and me trying to stop Iki jumping from a big rock into a small human-made river. At the end we were all exhausted and I guessed everyone agreed that picnic with toddlers was not a good idea hahaha. We (the mothers) could have some talks only during our way home because the kids sat tiredly on their strollers.

Then I went to Saitama to visit Nova and Kiyo on Thursday. It was an hour trip from my house but we had so much fun there. Nova cooked Indonesian food, complete with her spicy sambal, krupuk udang, and Nutrisari!!! I couldn't remember when was the last time I had Nutrisari! Iki fell in love with krupuk and Nova gave us some to be cooked at home (Thanksssss a lot, Nov!). Too bad Iki and Kiyo were still not interested to play together. Most of the time Iki wanted the toy in Kiyo's hand and Kiyo also was interested to whatever Iki held. Iki is not as aggressive as Kiyo but he tried his best to defend or take the toy he's interested in. And so did Kiyo. There were always be little fightings between them hahaha

Iki and Kiyo. They are one year old different, but they are at about the same height now :)). They were fighting for this wheel drive at the park.

After swimming lesson on Friday, I had lunch together with some friends again at the Fitness Center's cafe. The food was really good and this time amazingly the kids were playing together. Playing here means running around and chasing each other. They were very active and noisy and uncontrollable. It was a hard work to stop them and bring them home, and still then Iki ran away from me again as I parked his bike at our apartment, to play with the car toys. Some other tired mothers with their shopping bags again welcomed me with their weak smile :p

Thanks God then I didn't have to meet anyone on Saturday. I just went out for a little shopping then spent the rest of the day at home with Iki and papa-chan. This -staying at home- is a very unusual thing in our home!!

And today I had lunch at an Indian restaurant in Shinjuku with a friend. The food was really good though it was not as spicy as expected. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet, and was really a good deal for 1500 yen for each person.

Lately I spent a lot of time with mothers so I felt really good to meet a single woman. For a while I was free from mothers' talks (kids, houseworks, cooking, shopping, toys, and even schools!), and had a totally different topic to talk about: travels, passion, work, restaurants, friendship, guys :p, fashion, and body shaping (haha!). Thanks to Hiro for taking care of Iki the whole day (^_^)

And I took this photo on our way home after having dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant tonight. Sakura at night. As beautiful as they're seen during the day. This would be my last Sakura photo this year. As they are almost all gone now :)

What a fun yet tiring week. I guess next week I just want to stay at home :)


The Diva said...

whoaaaa sibuknyaaaa ibu satu iniii.

banyak arisan rumpi sama ibu2 ya... hihihi.

Eh teman single siapa Mut, kok bisa kenal? Wah senangnya kamu bisa punya teman disana, I'm so happy to read your blog lately, you've become a more passionate and happy mom, I think even far happier than your 2 years in Incheon when you were lonely and complaining about how racist and stupid people are, hahahahaha.

I do hope this would stay long, though....
I am hoping and hoping with all my might... well, the two of us hoping, that is.
two fingers crossed for you always.

Ohhh and Vivi's too.
We chatted very long today... and were talking about you... and she was literally saying "Good luck Hiro!" when I told her I mis-greeted hiro, thinking it was you on YM.

Miss you a lot...

NoorIntan said...


I know how you feel...
Sometimes I dodge the commitments with other mothers with their toddlers to visit a kids play place because I have seen enough kids around me and gladly just to have mine, and mine only :p

Tapi asik juga ya ngumpul sama ibu2, jadi tau kalo dirimu tidak sendirian. Ternyata ibu2 lain juga hobby (terpaksa) nguber2 toddler-nya masing2 :D

Niken said...

tante, makasih ucapannya ya! Skrg dah tinggal di Jpn ya? Main2 dong kemari, Iki kun!