Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today I got online using MSN messenger again after looooong looooong time. And it was because I was looking for Hiro and could only find him there. Good point is that I met Tina and had little chat while baking Kue Yun today. I was very happy and enjoyed it a little bit too much. I got my cake a bit burnt as the result (>.<) . It didn't look good, but it did taste good! (^___^)

I turned on my PC again after put Iki into sleep and got my MSN automatically connected. A long lost friend greeted me and complained that I didn't get online on MSN for years. When he asked what was new, I told him that I'm now married, with a son, and living in Japan. To my surprised he was very very angry. He said that he waited for me online for years, only to find me married. I was like "HA?! Who the hell are you, "yelling" at me like that?!?!"

I couldn't remember if I promised him anything. I couldn't remember if our relationship was more than a "friend". As far as I could remember, whole our chats in the pasts were about his complaints about his works, his house, his life, him having no friends. I was just being a very good "ear" to all of his ramblings. And how dare he said that I gave him impressions that we were in "relationship"?!, and now even asked to MEET me, ALONE?! hiiiiiii noooo way!

I blocked him right away and got offline from MSN.



Vivi said...

nerd? you mean, jerk? or pervert? anyway, that's ridiculous. I mean, even if he's under the impression that you two were in special relationship, it was years ago!!

What kind of person who, never been in touch for years, still claimed to be "in relationship"??

anyway, he's a total weirdo.

you did the right thing Moet.

hm..come to think of it, my hubby blocked all of my ex-es after we got married from my MSN...hehehe, i suppose that's a good thing.

The Diva said...

hahahahaha... the past life.

your blog got so funny that I couldn't help smiling.
Vivi's right, some people ARE weirdos.

I happened to know a guy who is RARELY online (by rarely I meant hardly once in 5 months), who changes his cell number a thousand times a year and NEVER informs me because HIS girlfriend is such a jealous-psycho, all I have is his MOM's cell number.
I happen to know his parents quite well so I send him a bday or happy new year and such celebration sms-es via his mom. (only being polite, besides, it's once a year occassion)

But whenever he's online and sees me offline, he'd send me messages saying I DISAPPEAR from his life and that I am "SOMBONG", and then he started rambling about our past and how I used to do this and that to him.

We did have a "thing", a history in the past, but that was years ago and I always went like "HEH???? DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE EXPECTING ME TO DO THAT AFTER THESE YEARS?????????"

Some people have different remembrances and memories from the past.
Some people have different versions of what they share in the past.

Don't mention it.
Leave them in the past, if they don't deserve your present and even more, your future ;-)

Vivi said...

Diva!! quit posting long comments on other people's blog and write your own!

I know you told me that you'll try to stop complaining, but never thought that would mean stop writing your blog!

we want updates!!

been accessing your blog everyday and receiving no updates whatsoever!!

Carla said...

Hi Vivi, on the contrary with you, I always like Diva posting long comments on other people's blogs. It shows that she cares (and reads the blog). When it comes to writing our own blog, we have more "elements" that prevent us from updating -- laziness, nothing too important to tell, or just too much too tell, too busy etc.

Now back to the real post, I'm with the others, Shier. He's a f*****g weirdo. Good move to block him. Anyone I know? I'm curious! :D

Vebby Anastasia said...

(I hope I'm thinking about the same person here :p)I thought he claimed that he already has a GIRLFRIEND now!!! My God!!! Just ignore him!!
Don't even let him bother your life :)
So NOT worth it.

benova said...

hmm..skg ada caranya buat cari person yg ngeblok kita di MSN hehehe.