Friday, April 25, 2008

Mothers' visit

Just finished cleaning up the mess in my kitchen. My friends went back home already two hours ago and Iki fell asleep soon after that. It was a very late nap (over 5 p.m!), so I guess tonight we will have late dinner + late bath + late goodnight sleep again (_ _o)

It was really fun today. At first Iki was nervous and panic that some girls are coming over, but then he got used and enjoyed their visit. Iki brought them all playing in his room, so we, mothers have plenty time to chat and laugh :p.

I prepared easy Japanese Kare with Saffron Rice. It was a blast. Everyone loved it, especially the saffron rice that they asked for more.

At last I didn't serve my tissue box-like brownies. Remember that Japanese eats with eyes?! Whenever I visited my friends' house, every meal was always presented beautifully. Felt like eating at a restaurant. So guessed what I served them?! KERUPUK UDANG :p. Boy, they loved it. They asked me to bring some for them if I go back to Indonesia. Hmmm....wished I was clever enough to think about this Kerupuk possibility yesterday!! I shouldn't have to spend the whole afternoon making butter and baking cake, right?!?! (>.<)

They brought a lot of children snacks, Japanese sweets, bread and cake too. So we were all overeating and happy (^__^)

Have some kare leftover so I don't have to cook anymore tonight, but it's almost 7.30 so I'm off to wake Iki up now. Hmmmm he definitely will be angry and have a bad mood tonight :(

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Vivi said...

Moet, mestinya jangan krupuk udang, tapi krupuk putih yang cepek-an itu lho!! atau krupuk puli? krupuk upil sama bumbu kanjinya? atau sekalian sambel bajak aja!!!!