Thursday, April 17, 2008


Iki catches a cold! Suddenly he got little cough and his nose stuffed since last night. Poor boy....Hiro said that he might get the virus when I brought him to play at department store yesterday afternoon or because he was too stressed after locked me outside yesterday :p.

We spent almost the whole day in the living room watching Thomas the Tank engine's movies. He was weak and wanted me to hug him all the time. He kept saying: "ci-chan...koawa.." (read: Iki-chan is like koala).

It took time to feed him too, so this afternoon I brought him to supermarket (after we went to doctor) and asked him to chose whatever he wanted for lunch. He picked tarako (salted fish eggs)- his favorite ever, udon (buckwheat noodle), and green peas. I added some vegetables, and this is what he had for lunch:

He ate that happily! And as usual this boy loves to drink medicine. The powdered medicine he just got from the doctor today was orange so he was excited to drink it. He even asked for more hahaha. My boy really really likes medicine, in any form or color. For him, medicine is a dessert :p

Get well soon,'s just really sad to see him weakly played and laid on my lap the whole day. I missed his screams, jumps, and dances. I miss my naughty yet healthy boy......


NoorIntan said...

Cepet sembuh ya Iki! Biar mama-chan pusing lagi denger Iki jumpalitan dan teriak2 :D

That udon soup looks REALLY yummy!

Vivi said...

Get well soon!

terus ngunci mama lagi di beranda hahahaha..

mamanya Rui said...

Banyak istirahat ya, Iki, biar cepet sembuh.

imoet said...

makasih ya tante.....aduh sekarang masih sakit juga udah jumpalitan (@_@)

oh...udon itu beneran enak ternyata. selera campur2 si Iki boleh juga :p

tapi keji nian biar bisa ngunci mama di beranda lagi?! hahaha

Mamanya Rui,
makasih ya. Kalo Iki sembuh ayuk yuk, ketemuan...