Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Good news

Yesterday night I heard a good news after feeling nervous and down for these few weeks *phew*.
Hiro told me that he is not to be sent to that dangerous country where he couldn't bring the family. The news from the other country is not clear yet, though. But for now he will work here, in Japan (^__^). How long? no one knows! but at least he still will be here for the next 2 or three weeks.

God works in his own way. Thank you for praying with me, my dear bestfriends *hugs hugs*

The weather was as good as my feeling today. We had outdoor activities the whole afternoon. I brought enough snacks, and a magazine. He could play by himself at the park now and let me read peacefully. Only came to me when he wanted something to eat and took a rest. We went back home until he was too tired to say no, and was asleep in a minute I put him on his bed hahaha.

This flower is now fully bloomed here. I found them all around our place. What flower? I don't know and I don't bother to know. So white, pure, light and pretty. Like a baby's heart.

Hiro was working until late again today so I made this new recipe I took from my new monthly cooking magazine, with a bit modifications here and there to meet Iki's preference. Rolled pork with Tarako (fish's salted eggs) and boiled spinach. He loved it!!! \(^o^)/


mamanya Rui said...

Lega banget ya, moet. Puji Tuhan!!

NoorIntan said...

So happy for you! Although I don't know where that dangerous country is but if he can go where he can take you and Iki that sounds brilliant to me too! :)

benova said...

Waaah yg lg happy nih.Btw, nek jd dikrm seng satune lak yo aku ga lg nduwe konco nih.

eh, yak apa seh cara nge roll e gitu. Bikin onigiri itu cuman nasi itu tok ya? Aku gak iso mbentuke, ini br beli cetakane huakakakak.

Kapan ya isa belajar masak mbek kamu, ato aku lht cara masakmu. Biar mis plg dr jepang tuh gak ndeso, ditanyai bisa msk masakan jepang gak, masak selama 3th tdk bisa hehhehe.

The Diva said...

Comment from my Friend:
(only looking at the picture, no reading the text)

"Looks like fish egg, with some green dog's poo, and some fat wrapped around it"


Carla said...


walopun sedih juga ga ada kemungkinan kamu tinggal di bali (selfish lagi deh). annerie ya bilang dia pengen kamu di bali aja. (selfish juga dia). hehehe..

but good for you.