Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Still about butter :p
This butter matter has been a national news lately. That Japan is in butter shortage. Funny for a country like Japan, isn't it? Anyway restaurants, bakery, and women who love to bake get the biggest impact. Others? Like my mother in law, for example, she doesn't really care. So do some of my friends who do not like baking. They said that most Japanese food do not need any butter, so the butter shortage doesn't really bother them. ALL Japanese would be panic if there's soy bean shortage, since it's the main ingredients for making miso, tofu, and natto (for example). Make sense for me. There're always those three things inside my refrigerator, and I'm sure are inside other Japanese's refrigerators all over Japan.

Anyway this afternoon I found butter at Seiyu supermarket. Only 2 packs left. I ran and took them all once I saw them, and somewhat felt satisfied when a woman behind me gasped "a-re?!?!" (read: heee???!!!). Well, I regretted as I walked out of the supermarket, though. I should give one butter to her..........

But it does mean I could bake this Kue Yun I've been dying of (it doesn't need unsalted butter). I got the recipe from Yun, but because she doesn't know the name of the cake, I named it "Kue Yun". Let's see how would it be this evening hehehe

There's still no unsalted butter for making cake though, I went to the other supermarket to check (and there was no butter at all there). But it's OK. After reading Amy's blog, I think I'll make my own unsalted butter later when I need it, but using faster method: this one.

OK, off to the kitchen now. Will start baking my Kue Yun (^___^)


G.O.P.H.E.R. said...

Hhhmm... "Kue Yun" gak kurang elek tah namane?? :-L
kalo gak ada unsalted pake yg salted butter gpp kok mut, toh ini kue khan gak manis2 banget, aku malah pernah bikin tak campurin keju parmesan... malah enak jadi camilan asin ;)

NoorIntan said...

Hehehehe... Panic moment, ga ada butter langsung bingung... Kalo aku gak ada butter langsung cari kue jadi. Lha seringnya juga begitu kok :p

Met baking, Mut :)

The Diva said...

Hahahahaha, butter di kulkas ku nggak habis2... secara cuma dipake buat ngoles roti, dan sudah berminggu2 ini EVERY MORNING kesiangan bangun, jadi cuma sempet mandi + siap2 dan lari ke tram station sambil mampir bakery beli croissant buat sarapan di kantor, hihihihi.

Lucu ya, kamu kok ya masih bingung baking kue sendiri.

Aku kok rasanya bikin muffins aja harus beli ready made dough :-))

Kue Yun nya enak nggak??

Kalau kamu tak kasih resep, kamu namain Kue Sheila juga nggak??? Hihihi...