Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was very very very VERY angry to Iki the whole day today that I couldn't breath (seriously!!!). He drove me nuts. Whatever he did, he blew me out.

I was angry the most when he refused to clean up his toys. He brought ALL his toys from his room, and spread them all over the living room. I couldn't find any space to walk, got lots of accidents stepping on the sharp edges tiny toys. And by the end of the day he just said: "This is too much, I can not clean. I'm too tired and sleepy".


And I was angry during eating time too, and bath time, and brushing teeth time, during shopping, while doing my house chores too. I was even mad at him when I put him into sleep. I was literally ANGRY for the whole day that I got my head really hot.

After he slept at 10.15 pm. I sat alone on my kitchen's floor. Tired and sad. Sad when I remembered him saying "gomen ne, mama" (sorry, mama) while kissing my forehead in front of the bathroom (although 10 minutes afterward he drove me nuts again!). I don't want to shout at him like what I did (a lot of times!) today. I don't want to make him cry like I did (also a lot of times) today. But I just couldn't control my anger. Even after he slept, I still had "black aura energy" inside my chest, ready to burst out anytime.

I needed to do something to calm myself down. So I stood up and checked what I had in the refrigerator.

I ended up baking this cheese cake in the middle of the night!!!

And I feel "light" afterwards (^__^).
Hopefully tomorrow will be better :p


The Diva said...

HUUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (btw Mut, Martin is LAUGHING HIS HEART OUT AND OFF HIS CHAIR to read this blog, he said: you're so mis-raising this kid somehow, and that's a single child syndrome!!! Hahahahahaha)

I'd say he would eat it up when it were his own kid huahahahahaha.

but still.... I'm so sorry for you. THose were the days ya Mut...
don't worry, it won't take long before he becomes Mr. Nice Guy like my brother.
I was an angel when I was kid and look how I turned out to be when I grow up hahahahaha.

(P.S. Martin said please dont hate him for saying that and laughing hahahahaha)

LadyNoor said...

Big hugs, Moet! I know how it feels... It happened to me too, too many times... I guess we can only hope for tomorrow, for it's a new and better day...

I thought when they're babies, it will be better when they're older and able to communicate. But then I didn't think they'd talk back at me - that's when I found the hardest. I'm not good with my temper, and it's very hard not to get angry... Don't worry, they say it's all normal and part of the "joy" of motherhood...

If only you're my neighbour I'd make Iki drives you nuts most of the time so I'd get to have some cakes from your calming theraphy :D

a2pl3 said...

*big hugs*