Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing Olympics

I am now watching the opening ceremony. It is really spectacular. I just realised that there are many countries I've never heard before hahaha. Let's say: Lesotho. Where is it? what kind of country is it?.
I could hear such new countries for my ears only from this kind of international event.


yun said...

Iya mut aku ya liat acara pembukaannya... gila yah, untuk acara gitu tau2 China kelihatan mewah... tapi di area sekitar stadion yg megah itu banyak rumah kumuh yang merana... hihihi inget-inget di Indonesia :P

benova said...

Heleh kamu nonton jg hehehe.

Untuk olympiade ini entah brp duit yg dikeluarin buat renovasi buat mbangun mbuat hias bny perbaikan2 dan penataan untuk nyiapin pesta spektakuler inih. Salute to CIna..huahahahha

Siapa yg bakalan menang banyakan raih medali emas yo...hehehehe

Vivi said...

Lesotho is in Africa.

And although there are parts that I think is spectacular and extremely cool (like the hundreds of martial artists who moved in unison ), there are also others that I think is kinda boring. Especially the bits about Chinese Opera hehehehehe...

Btw, they said that the cost for the fireworks is not even 1% of the total cost.

While I also root for Indonesia, have to say their entrance was disappointing. Their clothes are dark and so so, even Malaysia did it better. Plus, has anyone else spotted the fat old lady in the contingent? Who the hell is she and what is she doing there??