Friday, August 01, 2008


This afternoon we went to Tomomi's house for lunch. She is a friend who can speak English fluently, and is very very friendly and charming!! Time always flies away quickly whenever we meet!

Iki also enjoyed playing with her son, Aki-kun who is about a year younger. Whenever Aki-kun cried, Iki would came to him and said: "Aki-kun, stop crying yo...let's play car?". He really plays as a big brother hahaha!

They are going to Osaka this Sunday for three weeks. I will definitely miss her!!. Actually tomorrow we plan to go to a summer festival together, but my parents in law are coming over - and I'm not sure how long they will stay here :p.

She invited us to visit them at Osaka, though. And perhaps a trip to Kyoto as well if possible. But I'll just see first how Iki would behave during our trip to Sendai!!

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Benny Suryanto said...

waduuh trip trip melulu......mau aaah....

Kayaknya Iki emang butuh adik baru hehehe...*kabur aaah*