Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend with In-laws

My mother in laws said a lot of times that she wanted to see Iki swimming so last Saturday I asked them to go to Toshimaen, an amusement park that also has swimming pools. It was hot, but well, this is Summer, and this is the only season such public swimming pool is opened here. I thought they would enjoy, but she suffered from the heat, complained a lot (_ _;), and didn't even go nearby the pool at all....!

But anyway Iki enjoyed it. He loves swimming, so he showed his grandfather off a bit of his ability (^_^). He enjoyed the human-made waves there too. He screamed excitedly everytime the wave coming towards him. For him it was the first wave he ever experienced, because previously he didn't want to step onto the beach's sand :p.

Everyone ordered Ramen for lunch, which according to my parents in laws didn't taste good. But for a ramen lover like me, it didn't taste bad. I ate two portions to show them that I really enjoyed the ramen hahaha.

The entrance fee was expensive, but I couldn't stand the complaints so we went back early. Which was a good decision because then it was raining. We went to Tobu department store then. My parents in laws don't like my fashion style so they did a bit make over. They said that my clothes are too casual, and my mother in law doesn't like me wearing tank tops that shows my bras hahahaha. hey...!! This is summer, for God's sake! I love tank tops and Hiro said it's OK!!! (>.<). I let them buying me some clothes, anyway. They had to pay like 500 USD for 4 blouses. Well, that's the price of trying to "change" me :p

We spent the whole Sunday at my sister in laws' place. Iki really enjoyed playing with his cousins. I enjoyed spending time with my sister in laws' family. I also had a bit shopping with her, which surprised my mother in laws. Another tank top?!?! :p

Only 6 more weekends only left. I'll try to make them happy playing with Iki for the coming 6 weekends (^_^)


The Diva said...

hahahahahaha, in-laws are not easy sometimes, huh????

what's wrong with being casual????
you're still young, it's not a sin to be alive and fresh??? so what kind of things did they buy for 500 USD???

ina said...

hehehe, i've never met anyone who hasn't got any trouble with in-laws.
ah ya, you don't have to be in love with them, just have some respect and hopefully things will turn out rite. :D

Benny Suryanto said...

Casual itu piye...? Sederhana gituh tah..modelmu kan mmg tank top-an and cln-an. I think it's fine, young mommmy biar tampak fresh msh muda kayak blm pny anak hehehehe.
Tp nek aku pake baju gituan mesti diprotes Benny, soale mmg aku gak pantes alias gembrot, kedua gak blh mengumbar bgn dada alias hny milik pribadi huahahahhaha.

500USD buat 4 baju...masya allah...baju apaan seharga >10000YEn...??Branded kah?Penuh fayet?atau baju pesta?:D
Aduh lain kali, minta mentahane ajah deh :P.
Kalau aku pikir2 rek ngeluarno segitu only buat baju hihihi.

Nek aku jadi menantune ngono, mgkn aku wes diilokno kudu DIET!! Pakai baju apalagi bs dikomentari panjaaaaaang hahaha.

Bersyukurlah msh pny mertua, loh berbaik hati lg mau beliin barang semahal itu, coba yg lain apa pernah? Aku aja lon pernah hahahhaha. Angggap saja they care about you dg cara mereka.
Lumayan toh...selama disini mreka bisa srh jagain anak, trs kamu pigi jalan2 heheehe...*ngiri nih disini sopo seng gelem tak titipi Kiyo* hehehehe.
6 weeks left...waaah...cepet bgt yo.