Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hanabi (Fireworks) in Sendai

Iki longed to see Hanabi but the ones in Tokyo are way too crowded, and too far from our place. That's why we were so happy to get the chance to see the Hanabi in Sendai last week.

We decided to walk from our hotel to feel the festival aura. There were lots of people, mostly wore yukata, heading to the hanabi area. At first we thought that we would join some Indonesian students there, but it was too crowded that we couldn't cross the road. At last we decided to find another strategic place to see the fireworks. Which luckily we found! Though there were bunch of small trees covering the small fireworks, we could still see the big amazing fireworks clearly from our place.

We bought some festival's food specialty like yaki soba (Japanese fried noodle), onigiri, yaki tori, boiled edamame, cotton candy, and a huge paper cup of draught beer for me :p

Look at Mee-chan enjoying the cotton candy

Iki-chan saw many people walking around bringing balloon so he also wanted one. It was too crowded so Mee-chan came to a girl in Yukata bringing a balloon to ask where did she buy it. But surprisingly she gave the balloon to Mee-chan hahaha. Iki-chan was of course very happy :p

We couldn't get good shot of the fireworks. I didn't get any!!! Blame my old camera hahaha (or it was ME who didn't know how to take a good shot?!). But Mee-chan sent me some so here it is :)

The hanabi was amazing. It was really big, and beautiful. I could hear lots of "sugooooi" (great), "kireeeei" (beautiful) screams from the crowd around me.

Here is another one:

It was an unforgettable night. Thank you, Mee-chan (^_^). We really really enjoyed it!!


Benny Suryanto said...

Sendai opo gak lbh jauh dari Tokyo hehehe...^_^.Lah itu nontone aja sampe desel2an, n udah pd dibooked tempat2 strategis ya..hehe.

Nice trip least Iki enjoyed it.

Nek mau catch fireworks..mending divideo wae sek ketoke trus baru ntar bisa dicapture picture.hehehe.

Mee said...

hiks, ada fotoku sing medeni :(

makasih jg mama-chan, Iki-chan, mau main ke desa.
kapan aku bisa main ke Tokyo ketemu kalian ya?? :(

sus said...

wuikk apik rek kembang apine, inget2 ses-dor sing dijual seket ripis'an pas mendekati idul fitri, nek disumet mek asep tok :))