Saturday, August 30, 2008

New baby :p

I just brought home my new baby:

Olympus E-420 (^____^)

It is the smallest and lightest among its competitors: Nikon D60, and Canon 450 D. Canon 450D looked really gorgeous but heavy, Nikon D60 was nice but big. I found that Olympus E420 fitted my hands the most. I felt so comfortable holding it. So at last my own hands chose the very right one, and I am so satisfied!!

The battery is still being recharged now so I couldn't "play" with it yet. 5 hours is just too much for waiting!! (>.<)

But I just got a huge HUGE shock. This baby is 60 USD cheaper at!!!! (>.<)
I checked last night and was sure it was not that cheap! oh well....what was the matter with my head!



The Diva said...

hahahaha ternyata enggak semurah itu Mut??
Mungkin hari ini buka sale...

Hmm kasih tau ya bagus enggak... kalo bagus, aku juga mau beli...

dolphinrider said...

Huahahahah baru sempat liat blog mu ttg kamera. Congrat buat new baby nya.

Learning by doing lah.enjoy!!

benova said...

ini bener kecil n imut ya?
Terlihat dari picture apalagi warna hitam pasti model gede n abot hehehe.
Maklum punyaku Canon warna hitam jg, seng gede mayan abot. BUkan model slim hehehe.
Pengin yg slim2...biar gampang dibawa..piroan ini Mut?

imoet said...

the diva,
hasilnya? bisa dilihat di photblog baruku. then you judge if it's really good or not hahaha

thanks. i think whenever i see you online, i will drag you to teach me some tricks hahaha

hmmm ya kecil untuk ukuran kamera DSLR lah...bukan untuk ukuran compact digital camera. kamu pengen DSLR? kalo iya, ini udah yg paling kecil sekarang.
harganya? di 56,300 yen :)