Saturday, August 02, 2008


This evening we went to Bon-odori at the station nearby our house with Tomomi's family. At first we passed a jinja (Japanese temple) decorated with many lanterns. We didn't get inside but we could see that there were some people dancing to a traditional Japanese song in the garden.

Then we walked to the matsuri (festival) area. It was full of people that we could hardly move. I regretted bringing Iki's bike, but anyway it was too full that I had to leave it at an empty street nearby. I was "ready" actually if I had to lose that bike :p.

We could see a Taiko's show. It was really interesting. I like to see this kind of performance :)

Even little Iki also enjoyed it.

There were many food stalls and children games along the street but we didn't do many games. It was very hot so we bought kakigori (? is it correct) - shaved ice with syrup on top; and some cans of beers. Drinking beers on that very hot weather was heaven!

Iki-chan did some children game too, the easy one. Like choosing a rope tied to a toy for 100 yen. Iki wanted a mini car, but he got a mickey's shape necklace instead hahaha. He gave me a very dissapointed face :p

Then we did this water balloon catching using paper string. We must not brake the paper string to take that balloon, which I successfully did!

But Iki then just pulled the paper string and broke it (>.<) We lost the second chance then. But anyway I could bring home his yellow balloon.

There were also people dancing to the taiko's beat along our way home. It was really fun. And I think it was because we went there with the right people (^_^). Thank you, Tomomi!

Iki-chan also enjoyed that matsuri. I was wondering why he was so quiet on the way home. Tired or sleepy?!
But seemed that he really needed to pee hahaha. After we parked his bike, he said "toilettt toilettt, oshiko yooo. mama, Iki-chan cannot walk" LOL

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The Diva said...

hahahahahaha iki lucuuu.
diem2 ternyata kebelet pipisss dasar.

Hmm summer fest nya bagus yaaa, banyak acara, tapi emang harus kesana sama teman biar seru.
disini summer fest juga lagi rame tapi aku males pergi soale uyel2an dan nggak menarik hehehe