Monday, August 25, 2008


So this morning I called my friends and invited them to come here to help me finishing the cheese cake :p. Lady in Red, if you're my neighbor, you definitely will be invited hahaha

They stayed here until 6 p.m and we had so much fun. Iki also enjoyed playing with his friends: Kenshin, Hanon, and Sakurako.

Besides my cheese cake, my friends also brought here lots of snacks and drinks. One of them is this Japanese sweet (hmm mizu manju?? - i forgot the name!). I usually don't really like Japanese sweets with Anko (sweet red bean paste) filling, but this one was somewhat "different".

Iki was tired so he slept earlier today, at 9:30 p.m. And as wished yesterday, indeed I am feeling much better today (^__^). Off to bed now. I'll also have an early good night sleep today.

Night night...zzzzz....


The Diva said...

Lhoooo I also want to be invited to the neighboring party!!!!!!!!!
Hiks hiks...

tonight, I really really wish we were all neighbors... won't it be cool...???

Lady in Red said...

@the diva
Hahaha!!! Soalnya kemaren kamu ngetawain, Tante Cela, jadi ndak diundang maem cheese cake *ngakak*...

I'm glad you're feeling better, Moet... Enjoy today! :)

val said...

weh.. kek kolang-kaling bentuke