Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a photo could say

What do I think about my new Olympus E420?
DIFFICULT!!!! hahaha

I'm an amateur (_ _o). This is my first DSLR camera. I spent these two nights reading the manuals and trying to take pictures. I took like 50 pictures, and only three of them satisfied me :p

Here they are:

What a photo could say

Please take a look and tell me what you think.

I still must continue reading the manual (>.<). I didn't think that taking pictures could be THAT complicated hahaha


Lady in Red said...

Manual?! Pffft... *scoff*

Ditch the manual already and go out and have an adventure with your new baby! That's how you do it... Have fun! :)

imoet said...

lady in red,

reeally? i tried, but am so blank (>.<)

Carla said...

i must oppose the statement from lady in red. you can diss a manual when you are used to use the camera. a lot of people i've known who possess a DSLR camera don't really use it to the max because they don't know the importance of some functions. since shierly is completely new to it, manual can be pretty useful. you can't get attached to it, though, shier. don't get stress out when taking pictures. just enjoy it. let's say, read one or two function a day, and practise it right away. the more you use that function, the more connected you feel to the camera. when you think you understand the usefulness of a specific function, go and learn other ones. tutorials on the web can be good too.

happy learning!!!