Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hello and Goodbye

Life is about Hello and Goodbye. Today I got both a very good news and a sad news!

I said "hello" to Kimberly, Yunita's newborn. It's really happy to hear the news, that the baby has finally "arrived" in this world. I'm really waiting forward to see her pictures (^_^), and stories about her.

But I also heard a shockingly sad news. A friend's husband is dead. Well, we are not close friends but we did have a quite long chats everytime we met. And the last time I met her was exactly last week, when she told me that she (and her son) would be very lonely that the husband is moving to another country on Tuesday. She would go to her parents house after sending her husband to the airport and spend the rest of summer holiday there. Her son is a Thomas and Friend's freak too, so his last words to me was "I want to play Thomas with Iki...!!!".
And today I heard the news that the father died in that foreign country....(_ _o). I couldn't imagine that 4 years old talkative boy having no father. So sad.... is really about hello and goodbye.


Raquel said...

Hi Shie, I'm sorry to hear about your friend's wife.

yun said...

Thx Mut, sorry juga buat temanmu.. emang ada kebahagiaan dan ada juga kesedihan, semoga Tuhan kasih kekuatan buat dia.
PS: btw, namanya KimberlEy... catet! :P

mamanya Rui said...

Barusan baca ceritanya juga di tempat papanya Iki. Terharu dan ikut sedih sekali kalo ingat keluarga yang ditinggalkan.